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At Avenue 2 Beauty in Leeds, we offer a wide range nail services, whether you want to treat your real nails or get a set of acrylics. From Minx and Shellac to manicures and pedicures, we help you give your nails a special treat. Our service covers the following areas Harewood and Bramhope.

Our nail services include:

Nail polish of every colour

•  Minx

•  Shellac

•  Manicures

•  Pedicures

•  Deluxe manicures & pedicures

•  File & polish

When you get your nails done at Avenue 2 Beauty, choose from a wide range of fantastic colours and glitter colours for your hands and feet.


Contact us today to book your nail appointment with a qualified nail technician today. We will make sure that you leave the salon with beautiful nails that you are proud to show off.

Perfectly polished nails

Beautiful nails you can be proud of

A woman's painted red nails

Call Now: 01132 673 088

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Hands or feet                                                             £25.00

Manicure with Minx                                                £30.00

Pedicure with Minx                                                 £35.00



File & polish                                                               £12.00

File, polish & cuticles                                              £14.00

Manicure                                                                    £19.00

Deluxe manicure                                                    £24.00


File & polish - choose any colour of

your choice                                                                       £22.00

File, polish & cuticles / hands or feet                        £24.00

Manicure                                                                           £29.00

Pedicures                                                                          £32.00

                                             Add a Shellac additive for £1.00 extra


Soak off - without further treatment                      £5.00

Acrylic Soak off                                                             £10.00-15.00

Rock Star Glitter Shellac                                              £24.00

Choose from a wide range of fantastic Glitter colours,

hands / feet


File & polish                                                              £12.00

Pedicure                                                                    £22.00

Deluxe pedicure                                                     £26.00